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Drive Train & Suspension Systems

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Drive Train & Suspension Systems

Vital Repairs From Our Skilled Experts


Your drivetrain and suspension systems are critical, not only to the functionality of your car but to the integrity of the vehicle and the safety of you and your passengers. If your car seems to have a drivetrain or suspension problem, then we highly recommend that you seek service and repairs immediately.

Drivetrain & Suspension Systems


The drivetrain is the system of components that generate the power to actually move the car. Your engine, transmission, wheels, and drive shaft are all parts of your drivetrain. When one of these components starts to fail or to function incorrectly, it can have a dramatic effect on your car’s performance.

Signs of an failing drivetrain include:

  • Rumbling, grinding, or whining noises as you drive

    Upper radiator hose

  • Transmission fluid leaks

  • Uncommon wear to the tires

  • Transmission fluid that smells acrid or looks muddy

  • Recurring resonance


Your suspension system is also considered part of your drivetrain, and it is integral to your car’s functionality. Your car generates tremendous forces, vibrations, and inertia, and for the vehicle’s frame to properly withstand them, it must be finely balanced. Your suspension system provides this balance and ensures the smooth, efficient operation of your car.

Bad vehicle suspension can result in:

  • Unnecessary tire wear

  • Vibrations and noise

  • Alignment problems and damage

A healthy suspension and driveshaft system is important to the safety and the integrity of your car, but is also money-saving. These systems contribute to fuel efficiency, meaning less gas and more savings for you.


How Sunrise Auto Repair Can Help You


Our high-tech diagnostic equipment and ASE Certified technicians are here to provide you with a full-service auto care and repair every time you need us. Call us or book your appointment online today!


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