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Tune Ups

Engine Check

Tune Ups

Vehicle Maintenance You Can Trust


Your car’s owner manual provides an essential maintenance schedule that is specific to your vehicle and, if followed carefully, will help to extend the life of your vehicle. A maintenance schedule is a detailed schedule of all the services your car needs provided by your automobile’s manufacturer. At Sunrise Auto Repair we can help you with your vehicle’s optimal maintenance schedule needs, to help keep your car on the road and running at full-performance and efficiency.

What Does Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Include?

Sunrise Auto Repair is proud to offer tune-ups to our local customers. Our tune-ups include a complete analysis of the components that help your car run as well as completing maintenance services outlined by your vehicle’s manufacturer as needed.

A tune up will include an inspection of essential elements of your car such as:

  • spark plugs

  • oil & other fluids

  • tires

  • brakes

  • emissions

  • lights

  • filters

  • & more


After a thorough analysis of your vehicle, a technician from Sunrise Auto Repair will discuss any recommended repairs or replacements with you, how these diagnostics will affect your vehicle, and what it will cost to fix it. No matter what we recommend, you have the final say on what service is done to your car.

We service all vehicle makes & models


At Sunrise Auto Repair, we pride ourselves in providing you with the very best in service and your vehicle with top-rated auto care. Our reliable ASE Certified Technicians have over 65 years of combined experience, ensuring that every time you visit us, your car is given the quality care it deserves.

Book your next auto repair appointment with us today by either booking online or giving us a call (864) 228-0676 Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm or Saturday: 8am - 1pm.


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