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Keep Your Car Running & Reliable


Your car won't start. An inconvenient truth facing us all at one time or another. Before running off and getting a new battery or your car serviced - check to see if your car simply needs a jumpstart or if the battery cable connections are adjusted properly.

Dead or Weakened Battery Warning Signs


A common misconception about modern car batteries is that they’ll give you plenty of warning before they give out. While it is true that vehicles used to start slower and slower before a battery finally died, most modern batteries have evolved to work at full capacity until they just can’t anymore. Though it’s nice that batteries today function longer than they used to, you have to look for smaller signs that it may be on the fritz. Like:

1.) Diminished electrical functions

2.) Old age

3.) Clicking noise when turning key

4.) Corroded terminals

5.) Slower engine crank

How Sunrise Auto Repair Can Help

At Sunrise Auto Repair, we specialize in battery services and can help you get back on the road in no time. Give yourself peace of mind with a battery service or replacement from Sunrise Auto Repair. We'll get you back on the road feeling safe and confident your car has been cared for they way it should.

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