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Check Engine Light

Expert Diagnostic Testing You Can Trust 


It’s a common belief that the check engine light that appears on your vehicle's dashboard always indicates a malfunctioning or failing engine, but that’s not the case.


Your onboard computer diagnostic system monitors vehicle operations, with your check engine monitoring your emissions. Most manufacturers and states have laws in place regulating the amount of emissions that can be emitted from your car. These regulations include monitoring your vehicle’s systems in order to tell you if your car or truck is emitting too much pollution. This is why we consider the check engine light the most misunderstood indicator on your dashboard. A check engine light could indicate something as simple as you leaving your gas cap off or something as serious as an engine misfire.


Flashing Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is flashing, this indicates a very serious problem with your vehicle –such as a cylinder misfire. A flashing check engine light could lead to a very costly repair and dangerous situation. Bring your vehicle in for service immediately if your check engine light begins flashing.


Solid Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is solid (not flashing) this indicates your vehicle is releasing an irregular amount of emissions due to a problem, and should be serviced as soon as possible. Problems causing a solid check engine light can range from a gas cap that has been left off, to a serious engine malfunction–any of which can hinder your vehicle’s mileage and performance.


How Sunrise Auto Repair Can Help You


Our high-tech diagnostic equipment and ASE Certified technicians are here to provide you with a full-service diagnostic test of your vehicle to ensure we uncover the full-scope of your vehicle needs whenever your check engine light turns on. Call us or book your appointment online today!


Why Choose Sunrise Auto Repair?


ASE Certified Technicians

Complimentary Shuttle Service

Complimentary Wifi & Beverages

Free 26-Point Inspection with Every Service

Family Owned & Operated


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